Give an Old Chair a Softer Suit with Parkhaus Pads

two parkhaus pads

I lean toward the minimalist in all things design and I’m especially drawn to chairs of the modernist period. There’s nothing not to like, in my opinion, and there’s no need to alter any of the classics. That’s why they’re called classics.

But who could object to a softer seat?

Unless your bum is naturally buffered, a lengthy sit on Jacobsen’s 7 or Bertoia’s wire chairs might leave you with a slightly sore tush.

This might be what Parkhaus was considering when they launched Suit for 100 Classics, a collection of over 80 simple seat pads for 100 of the classic chair designs.

multi parkhaus

multi parkhaus 2

The pads are made using eco-friendly, 100% woolfelt fabric and come in two versions and a plethora of hip and slick colors. The simple version is just 5mm or 1/5 of an inch thick; the other is 16mm (almost ½”) and layered with a 10mm foam inlet for extra cushioning.

Another perk to the Parkhaus pads is they’ll protect your old chair from wear and tear and keep it looking better than new.

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