Giveaway! Win a Pair of Hampton Toe Post Sandals from Orthaheel Recommended by Dr. Andrew Weil

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The Hampton Toe Post Sandals from Orthaheel, recommended by Dr. Andrew Weil, are more than just foot cover, they’re true support for serious foot health. Find out for yourself if you’re one of 3 lucky EcoSalon readers to win a pair!

Five months into my pregnancy, my feet and ankles swelled to the size of rabbits. I had been traveling and it was hot and humid. Swollen ankles and feet are just par for the course in most pregnancies, too, my midwife told me.

The swelling abated after a few days and I was back to my daily 5-mile hike. But even though the swelling had subsided, I was now experiencing a whole lot of foot pain I hadn’t felt before. It was as if all that swelling had wreaked some havoc on my poor, expanding feet. Walking barefoot was almost unbearable.

Luckily, I had a pair of Hampton Toe Post Sandals, recommended by Dr. Andrew Weil, that the company had sent me to try (I did not pay for the product and my opinions on the shoes are 100 percent my own). I’ve been a flip-flop lover for years, ever since I decided that most shoes were more akin to toe prisons than they were any meaningful indicator of style. I’d worn down several pairs of Havaiana’s over the years, quite content with their performance. But when I slipped my feet into the Hampton Toe Post Sandals, it was a totally different experience.

For one, they are much more form-fitted to the shape of my foot. Most flip-flops are totally flat. I have really high arches and they need support. Second, the soles are really buoyant and cushiony. It feels a little bit like walking on air. The recessed heel promotes a more natural step, which feels really right, especially now that my center of gravity is off due to my ever-expanding belly. I also love the quality of the toe straps. Most flops are made of a strip of plastic that can irritate the skin. The Hampton Toe Post Sandal is soft canvas and less prone to breaking off from the base (which is how I’ve lost many flip flops. RIP). These are flip flop sandals I’m not afraid to wear out of the house, either. They’re substantial in their support whereas other flip flops only felt appropriate in the house or at the beach. These are my go-to sandals for the summer.

It’s really no surprise the sandals are so comfy. Designed by leading Australian podiatrist, Phillip Vasyli, and recommended by Dr. Andrew Weil, the biomechanical orthotic footbed of the Hampton Toe Post Sandal supports feet and helps realign the lower legs, reducing over-pronation and associated aches and pains. And at just $66.99, you’re not only getting a great pair of sandals for the summer, you’re getting incredible support that feels fantastic.

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