Giveaway: Win 24 Natural Beauty Products From Logona + SANTE [$490 Value]

Logona Sante Giveaway

One lucky EcoSalon reader will win $490 worth of amazing natural beauty products from Logona + SANTE. Want to get in on the action? Read on to find out how you can enter.

While Mother Nature has a cure for practically anything, finding natural cosmetics that are earth- and animal-friendly while remaining as effective as “the other guys” can be tough. Enter Logona and SANTE: Two ah-mazing lines of natural beauty products developed and manufactured by Logocos AG in Germany.

A pioneer in the industry, Logocos manufactures most extracts in-house and sources many raw materials from their own gardens and Fair Trade partnerships around the world. Not only do they have rigorous ingredient standards, but they also don’t test on animals. They are committed to developing products of uncompromising quality and efficacy, while doing their part for the environment.

Today, Logona, together with its sister brand SANTE, serves as a leading supplier of natural beauty products throughout Europe and is currently expanding into the North American marketplace – and you could get to try both incredible lines of natural beauty products for free! We’re giving away 24 products totaling $490 in gorgeous hair care, skin care, and cosmetic lines that will blow your mind. Ready to enter? All you have to do is sign up for the EcoSalon newsletter. Already a subscriber? You’re entered to win. You’re welcome :).

Here’s what one lucky EcoSalon winner will receive:


SANTE Face Wipes

1. SANTE Facial Cleansing Tissues: Organic Goji ($8)

Perfect for when you’re on the go, SANTE Facial Cleansing Tissues are alcohol-free moist towelettes made from organic cotton. Use them as a cleanser, makeup remover, or a simple pick-me-up for your skin.

SANTE Eyeshadow stick

2. SANTE Eyeshadow Stick: Coffee 08 ($15)

This SANTE Eyeshadow Stick is a versatile shade you can play up or down depending on the occasion – whether you feel like going glam or low-key, SANTE’s eyeshadows have you covered.

SANTE Eyeliner

3. SANTE Eyeliner Pencil: Deep Black 08 ($15)

SANTE Eyeliner Pencil has a gentle texture that’s perfectly suitable for use on your inner eyelids. The pencil includes a sponge for soft blending to make your color last even longer.

SANTE Eyeliner

4. SANTE Liquid Eyeliner: Sparkling Brown 01 ($18)

SANTE Liquid Eyeliner has a special brush to help you master those trendy thin lines – or that dramatic cat-eye you’ve been itching to try.

SANTE Mascara

5. SANTE Mascara Volume: Black 02 ($20)

SANTE Mascara Volume is formulated with natural waxes and purified mineral pigments to nurture your lashes while offering long-lasting coverage.

SANTE Mascara Volume Sensation

6. SANTE Mascara Volume Sensation: 04 ($20)

For the ultimate in dramatic eyelashes, SANTE Volume Sensation Mascara doesn’t miss a beat – or rather, a lash with its dense mascara brush. Formulated with vitamin E, natural sunflower oil and nourishing natural almond oil, you eyes have never looked so good.

SANTE Natural Lash Extension

7. SANTE Hypnotic Lashes ($35)

For hypnotically beautiful lashes, SANTE Hypnotic Lashes offers strengthening 24-hour care for longer and thicker eyelashes after just 4 weeks! It’s formulated with an active ingredient complex that includes birch extract, birch sap and black cohosh. Simply apply once or twice daily to the clean eyelid, directly along the eyelashes.


8. SANTE Rouge: Silky Mallow 02 ($20)

SANTE Rouge is made with organic jojoba and chamomile – this soft powder blush has a silky-smooth texture and will leave you with a refreshing natural glow.

SANTE Lipstick

9. SANTE Lipstick: Pink Rose 02 ($19)

This SANTE Lipstick is a soft, subtle shade that provides your lips with gentle protection while letting them shine. Made with organic jojoba, it’s skin-friendly, free of synthetic coloring agents, fragrances or preservatives. All of SANTE’s raw materials are tested to be free of lead and other heavy metals often found in lipsticks.

SANTE Lipstick

10. SANTE Lipstick: Nude Mellow 13 ($19)

This SANTE Lipstick shade is a bold and irresistible lip color that’s sure to turn heads. SANTE’s lipsticks, lip glosses and lip duos come in a variety of colors and shades, providing nourishing care to your lips while giving you a versatile, natural beauty routine.


11. SANTE Lip Duo: Glamorous Look 03 ($17)

SANTE Lip Duo is a super convenient multi-tasker: Use the fine, hard tip as a lipliner for perfect contours, then fill them in with the softer, wider tip. The palm kernal oil used comes from sustainable sources and is RSPO certified.

SANTE Lipgloss

12. SANTE Lipgloss: Peach Pink 03 ($16)

Not only does SANTE Lipgloss enhance that natural beauty of yours, its nourishing and moisturizing ingredients care for your pout as well as the best lip balm.

SANTE Sharpener

13. SANTE Sharpener ($5)

Keep your SANTE pencils and sticks in tip-top shape with our trusty SANTE Sharpener.

SANTE Shampoo

14. SANTE Shampoo: Henna Volume ($9)

Ready to give your hair a (literal) boost? This SANTE Shampoo is enriched with organic honey, beer, and non-coloring organic hanna extract, which nourishes the hair structure and maintains your hair’s natural elasticity.

SANTE Conditioner

15. SANTE Hair Conditioner: Brilliant Care ($12)

SANTE Hair Conditioner enhances your hair’s volume and shine. Provitamin B5 and vegetable glycerin maintains your hair’s strength and elasticity, while peanut oil, organically grown birch leaf extract and burdock root oil keep your hair tangle-free without weighing it down.

SANTE Hairspray

16. SANTE Hairspray ($15)

SANTE Hairspray gives your hair natural hold and volume without making it feel sticky. Its non-coloring henna extract and nourishing jojoba and almond oil help protect your hair against negative environmental influences.

SANTE Styling Gel

17. SANTE Styling Gel ($12)

SANTE Styling Gel is made of natural substances like plant sugar and organically grown birch leaf extract to strengthen your hair and deliver moisture and nutrients. It reinforces hair structure, allowing you to shape and style with ease.

SANTE Mousse

18. SANTE Styling Foam ($15)

Ideal for hairdryer styling and gentle enough for daily use, SANTE Styling Foam is formulated with wheat and silk proteins to nourish your hair with visible results.

Logona cleansing foam

19. Logona Age Protection Cleansing Foam ($20)

Logona Age Protection Cleansing Foam contains extracts of organic sea buckthorn berry, organic chamomile, organic witch hazel, as well as organic aloe vera. Its natural conditioning complex protects skin from loss of moisture, replenishing its natural lipid balance while leaving you with a refined complexion.

Logona facial toner

20. Logona Age Protection Facial Toner ($30)

Logona Age Protection Facial Toner also contains extracts of organic sea buckthorn berry, organic chamomile and organic witch hazel. On top of which, it contains organic caffeine, which helps clarify and freshen your skin after cleansing to prepare it for the rest of your beauty routine.

Logona day cream

21. Logona Age Protection Day Cream ($38)

Logona Age Protection Day Cream is formulated with organic sea buckthorn berry extract and hyaluronic acid, which reduces the appearance of fine lines and provides intense nourishment to high-maintenance skin.

Logona eye cream

22. Logona Age Protection Eye Cream ($32)

Logona Age Protection Eye Cream with organic sea buckthorn berry extract and hyaluronic acid reduces the appearance of fine lines and intensively nourishes the skin around your eyes.

Logona night cream

23. Logona Age Protection Night Cream ($40)

Our skin does its restorative magic while we sleep. Logona Age Protection Night Cream is formulated with a careful combination of ingredients that support the natural regeneration of the skin and boosts cell renewal.

Logona hydrolipid balance

24. Logona Age Protection Hydro-Lipid Balance ($42)

Logona Age Protection Hydro-Lipid Balance reinforces your skin’s natural barrier function while providing increased elasticity and reducing fine lines.

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