Glamping Tents and Other Camping Essentials for a Luxurious Weekend Outside

Glamping tents and other camping essentials make outdoor trips awesome.

The first time I was introduced to the visual aesthetic of camping with style, also known as glamping, was when I saw the “Gilmore Girls” episode where Rory Gilmore traipsed into the woods with Logan Huntzberger for her first Life and Death Brigade getaway. I was never too fond of the idea of camping until I saw that, yes, there are beautiful glamping tents, and you can also eat and drink good food while enjoying the beautiful outdoors.

We want you to have a lux experience when you head out on your next weekend camping trip, so we’ve rounded up a list that includes glamping tents, and other camping essentials that will make your wilderness getaway unforgettable.

Glamping Tents

We’re all for updating your current tent to make it glampier (a little sparkly décor and a few artistic throws can go a long way), but if you plan on going glamping more often, it may be best to invest in a new, beautiful tent.

This tent comes from Bang Bang Tents, and is one of the more high-tech glamping tents you can find. It’s $217.25 and comes with the following perks:

– A 5w solar panel, lithium solar storage bank

– Mobile phone/USB charging adaptors

Looking for glamping tents that look sleek? A Lotus Belle Tent may be a good pick. This Lotus tent is priced at $1,800.

Other Camping Essentials

Coffee is a morning must for me, so I had to include the Snow Peak Titanium French Press. It’s priced at $55.95 and is ultra-light, so it won’t weigh you down.

Keep the tunes playing no matter the weather with this waterproof music player. It’s priced at $160.

While glamping tents keep you covered in style, portable pricy mattresses will keep you sleeping sound. Stay well rested by investing in the Serta raised airbed. It’s priced at $137. While this mattress is great on glamping trips, it’s also perfect for your guest bedroom during the off-season.

Other camping essentials you’ll also need include pretty, lightweight portable dishware, silverware, and glasses. And adding a little sparkle is never a bad idea – that’s why we love these battery-powered string lights. Priced at $14.

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