Got Milk? Make Your Own Non-Toxic Paint in 2 Easy Steps


Autumn is here, and your mellow yellow walls are already looking wrong. After researching your options, you’ve concluded that low-VOC paint isn’t quite green enough for your taste (after all, it still emits pollutants into the air you breathe every day), and non-toxic alternatives cost more than your budget can afford. So, what is a thrifty, eco-conscious girl to do? Make your own all-natural milk paint!

Thoroughly mix ten cups of nonfat dry milk with ten cups of water. Add vegetable dye gradually in small amounts until you create the color that you desire, and you’re ready to give your walls a makeover. Having trouble finding plant-based dyes? You can concoct your own by following the few simple steps provided by the National Garden Association.

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6 thoughts on “Got Milk? Make Your Own Non-Toxic Paint in 2 Easy Steps

  1. Could you use food coloring, instead of vegetable dye?

  2. Thanks for the colorful ideas! I’ll have to try this!!! =D

  3. I think this idea of mixing your own paints is fonaminal. Absolutly amazing!!!!

  4. What a great idea! I will be sure to try this. I need to do some touch up paint, and don’t want to buy the latex paint! Thanks.

  5. This sounds great! I’d be curious to know how color-fast the paint is. I have a friend who dyed some cloth with turmeric and the parts exposed to sunlight very quickly faded to a lighter yellow. I’d wonder what would happen with different veggie dyes and milk.


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