How Not to Eat Your Moisturizer


You know when you see a candle shaped like a cupcake – and you’re debating just how chewy and gross wax might taste because now you want to eat a cupcake? If so, then you will relate to my current dilemma. At the recommendation of Primrose Organics Salon in Los Feliz, I decided to check out Strawberry Hedgehog’s Whipped Body Crème.  This product contain organic and fair-trade ingredients. The problem? It looks so good, I want to eat it.

Strawberry Hedgehog is the eco-baby of artisan Tracy Perkins, who founded the line when she couldn’t find any good vegan soap alternatives. She is well known for her lines of glycerin soaps, and she also carries body care items. Her products are vegan and Perkins emphasized that they are free of any animal products, preservatives, weird chemicals and artificial dyes or fragrances.

And they are pure. Her Whipped Body Crème ($22) has no preservatives; it has a shelf life of one to three months. It comes in a clear mason jar and is packaged like a jar of Grandma’s preserves. Perkins urges you to “always use clean hands when reaching into the jar; you keep the lid clean of crème as it may darken and oxidize with the metal lid, and you may choose to refrigerate it.” Its ingredients include organic fair trade unrefined shea butter infused with herbs and organic fair trade cocoa butter.

It does contain the slightly controversial grapefruit seed extract, which some argue has its problems. (And many others argue that it is perfectly fine.) Regardless, Skin Deep rates grapefruit seed extract as relatively low hazard. You can read a complete list of the product’s ingredients here.

So you’re getting a good green product that looks like something you want to put on top of a sundae. But how does it work? I. Love. It. It goes on light and absorbs quickly, and it really leaves your skin hydrated. It has a neutral scent, which makes sense as it is fragrance free. And $22 gets you quite a bit of crème.

Want to know more about Strawberry Hedgehog? Check out our articles on their soaps, plus our exclusive interview with Tracy Perkins.

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Katherine Butler

Katherine Butler is the Beauty Editor of EcoSalon and currently resides in Los Angeles, California.