10 Green Gifts for Father's Day: Some Will Really Grow on You!


1. Eco Endurance tee: For the weekend golfer with a conscience (he abandons you but cares deeply about the planet), these tees are sold to hundreds of courses worldwide and outlast a wood tee by at least 10:1. Benefits: manufactured with corn-fed biodegradable materials that can breakdown over time; no splintering and causing damage to mowing equipment and golf cart tires; come in custom colors.


2. Reware Attache: A brief case for the eco-exec or gadget geek on the move, it holds a 15″ laptop and other business and travel materials and is fabricated from recycled soda bottle fibers rewoven with super strength, water resistance and durability. $100.


3. Home Game, An Accidental Guide to Fatherhood: This memoir by Michael Lewis recounts his hands-off fathering to his three kids with former MTV host Tabitha Soren. If nothing else, his failings at aiding in the delivery room, diapering (only seven of his son’s first 600 changes), and coming up with appropriate punishments reveal the enormous challenges of parenting while making the dad in your house chuckle. Odds are, your green hubby will  also feel superior in a good way. Hey, my husband diapered and swaddled like a dula and even wore a sling! $23.95 for the hard copy.


4. A Bottle of Organic Whiskey:

Order dad a bottle of Benromach Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whiskey, $57, made by two experienced distillers using Scottish barley and pure spring water from the nearby Romach hills. When he has a shot after a hard day’s work, he will enjoy taking in the rich and mellow, fruity flavor with malty tones and a hint of smoke. Just bring him his organic wool slippers and a few EcoSalon articles and he’ll be in green heaven.


5.  A 100% Recycled EcoGir┞¢ Suit: Discarded PET bottles are spared from the landfill thanks to this handsome suit from the Israeli company Bagir. Using 100% post consumer material (up to 30 plastic bottles to build one suit) the company strives to maximize the quality of the fabric and lining while minimizing our carbon footprint. We all know the fashion industry leaves a big footprint. According to Treehugger, you can buy the jacket and pants for about $200 through the Sears catalog (Covington line). As Green Prophet puts it, the garment gives new meaning to the term Euro Trash.


6. Recycled pewter typewriter Cufflinks: Let him wear his initials on his sleeve, that is if he’s a guy who still wears French cuffs, which are major swank. Made from real typewriter keys, they spell love for $50 at the Inhabitat shop.


7. Do-it-Yourself Salsa Garden Kit: Sure, he can mix some killer margaritas but the man who can grow his own salsa is mucho macho. All you need is included in this packet from Herb Kit, from the tomatoes and onions to the bell peppers and jalapeno. $30 to get started. Ole, papa! Pass the chips. Details available at the Do-It-Yourself Network.


8. Billabong Sonic Swim Trunks: DUDE! Catch some buttery waves, Daddy-O, in these 100% recycled poly eco-supereme suede board trunks, available for $31.43 at  Sundanski.


9. Benjamin Button DVD: Buy this or rent this odyssey to enjoy with your husband and dad and witness together how a man can be an adoring parent and partner. Brad Pitt gives a tender performance as a spirit who cycles through life in reverse, arriving as an infant-size old man and growing into a hottie who meticulously keeps a journal tracking his life and thoughts for the woman who outgrows him and the daughter he must leave behind. Dad, it’s okay to cry. Now $16.91 at Overstock.


10. Plan a Suprise Outdoor Adventure with Nature Rocks: Pack his hiking shoes or water sandals and lead your green guy to a fun day kayaking, hiking, picnicking or simply exploring a great park, using the new Nature Rocks site as your guide. It’s a great way to bond as a family and a gift with memories that will truly last. It can even be free – letting you set aside your gift money for a great organic veggie meal after.


Main image: MShades

Luanne Bradley

Luanne Sanders Bradley is the West coast Editor at EcoSalon and currently resides in San Francisco, California.