Eco Tech: Top 10 Planet-Friendly iPhone Covers

Since you splurged on the new iPhone, you’ve downloaded the best green apps and researched fun things you use it for as you’re going green. But, being the eco geek that you are, you’ll also want a cool, sustainable eco iPhone cover, right? Here are our favorites.
solar powered iphone cover case

PhotobucketThe Solar-Powered Charging Case comes equipped with a built-in solar panel to restore battery power by harnessing energy from the sun, all while protecting your iPhone from damage.

apple iphone eco shield

Photobucket Made with green materials and minimal carbon impact, the Agent 18 Eco Shield is simple and sleek, perfect for those who believe that their iPhone needs no additional frill. Plus, the packaging is recycled.

incipio eco case

PhotobucketOn sale for just over $10, the Incipio EcoCase is both green and affordable.

javoedge cork cover iphone
PhotobucketThe JavoEdge Cork Cover is slim yet durable and blows traditional iPhone covers out of the water.

elan form cork iphone

PhotobucketSimilar to the JavoEdge Cork Cover, the Elan Form Cork provides more protection with a static peel screen protector.

etsy sleeve

PhotobucketThe Eco iPhone Sleeve is handmade with care by talented artisans from reclaimed fabric and organic cotton batting.

bamboo slider
PhotobucketThe Bamboo Slider is available in yummy shades of mushroom, olive, beet and eggplant to perfectly complement your personal color scheme.


PhotobucketCrafted from used bicycle tubes, the 100% recycled i-Tube doubles as an iPhone case and a unique accessory for all you hipsters out there.

hemp case

PhotobucketThe Organic Hemp Case is petroleum-free and gets its sunny shade of yellow from natural dyes. If it gets dirty, just throw it in the laundry.

padded felt case

PhotobucketThe Padded Eco Case is lined with felt that’s made from recycled post-consumer plastic bottles to keep your iPhone free of scratches, the eco-friendly way.