Green Your Greens With Hemp Oil Vinaigrette


Green your greens, salad junkies: Greg’s Hemp Oil Vinaigrette is here to take you to another level. This one’s for the eco-foodie, that chef in your life who makes every meal just that much more appealing to the body and spirit with ultra-green finishing touches. Hemp oil is, after all, a superfood, with high EFA levels and well-balanced levels of Omega 3’s and 6’s. Plus, it tastes good and is low in saturated fat.

The ingredients are simple enough and the DIYer in me wishes to suggest that you also try making your own. In a base of fine olive and hemp oils, add your favorite vinegar (apple cider with the mother or balsamic being my salad faves), spices, and if you wish, a bit of agave or other sweetener. Hemp oil may be pricey, but you get the nutrition you pay for.

Image: FotoosVanRobin

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3 thoughts on “Green Your Greens With Hemp Oil Vinaigrette

  1. I’ve tasted the hemp oil vinaigrette and it is drop dead delicious and very light. Not to mention that the health benefits are phenom. Chef Greg Perez is also a St. Louis treasure!

  2. This salad looks like a “delight.” Of course, this entire site is a pure “delight” in every way.

  3. As an avid salad eater and a true beliver in hemp oil, I can already tell that this would be a delight. ;) Thanks for the great idea.


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