Green Console-ation


There are so many options for encasing plasmas these days, from pricey wall frames that elevate the screens to an artform to pop-up consoles that only reveal the televisions when you’re ready to watch.

I can see why Joe Wilkerson’s new “M21 Flat Panel” made of American black walnut is making such a splash among retro design fans, especially the young L.A. crowd which is snapping up low-slung, mid-century homes and collecting Bauhaus furniture.

The plasma cabinet, described by its designer as “a 1950’s set with maybe a little Jetsons mixed in” was unveiled at the Dwell on Design show in L.A. recently. The design features retro splayed dowel legs and a brick-like front facing grille made from fender amp screen material. The grille is covered with vintage speaker cloth and includes space for a built-in speaker.

The cabinet works with LCD and plasma sets and is made to order at Wilkerson’s workshop in about eight weeks. The 42″ model sells for $3,600 and a larger 50-inch sells for $3,950. (It’s not cheap but you’re really getting an amazing piece of furniture for your family room or bedroom.)

For some other stylish green plasma options for less money, check out the reclaimed Douglas fir console from VivaTerra ($1,425) that doubles as a sleek storage unit for your vino, and the totally zen Budha Plasma TV Stand of reclaimed teak from the Asian Furniture Boutique ($1,198).

Luanne Bradley

Luanne Sanders Bradley is the West coast Editor at EcoSalon and currently resides in San Francisco, California.