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Green Tile Wild


My editor said, “Emily, slow down with the spiritual/personal development articles!” But it’s hard not to let my mind go there as I just read Eckhardt Tolle’s A New Earth. Between us, I’m just going to indulge a sentence or two.

As we are evolving our consciousness in many ways and turning toward a more eco-conscious way of life, it shows our ability to reconnect with the feminine. By feminine, I mean a more nurturing and caring side of us.

This leads me to the word empowerment I had been thinking about one day while running errands. I was really looking for a way to take off tile grout without resorting to a harsh commercial brand. While perusing, I happened to hear “Green Tile Wild” – a very empowering song by an up-and-coming artist. This song was the catalyst for my choice of cleaners and getting me on this whole kick about reconnecting with the feminine. I wasn’t about to resort to the old commercial stuff! I wanted something caring toward the environment, yet powerful. And I found it. Seventh Generation Tub and Tile Cleaner in Emerald Cypress & Fir fights soap scum and grime with no fumes. And get the description of the blend of balsam fir, lime and emerald cypress: “Green and zesty with a full-bodied heart. Healing, breathing, reflective, (consciousness), joyful, and empowering.”

Now if that isn’t a spiritual shopping spree and a perfectly synchronized match with the song I was listening to and my thoughts of empowerment, I don’t know what is.

The song comes out on iTunes in December, so bookmark this post and we’ll include an update when it’s available.

Image: doolittle1989