Green Your Game


I openly admit it: my game could use a little work. After a hiatus from any real physical activity – tennis, golf, even yoga – I’m finally back on track and ready to hit the ground running. Now, being the fashionista that I am, I can’t go neglecting my looks on the course. So, you can imagine how pleased I was to find an eco-diva who plays by the same mantra.

A favorite brand among the LPGA (Ladies Professional Golf Association), Lela Designs was founded in 2006 by Tina Hofer after recognizing a need for fashionable, eco-luxury women’s golf wear. Made from bamboo, organic cotton, and recycled PET (clear plastic bottles), Lela Designs is an athletic apparel line that is sexy, sporty, and eco. The innovative, fashion-forward garments are manufactured in Canada with top-of-the-line fabrics for the ultimate in game-time performance.


Not only will you look and feel great, but you’ll also be supporting a good cause. Lela has partnered with Camfed (Campaign for Female Education), an organization that fights AIDS in rural communities in Africa through educating young women. A portion of each sale goes to supporting Camfed’s mission.

Go ahead, sport it like a pro.

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