Handpicked: Kelle Dame


Each week, I beg my favorite bloggers and designers to hand select a beloved green product, whether it’s a finish, furnishing, or accessory. The end result? An endless anthology of aesthetically perfect products for your perusal.

This week Kelle Dame has been gracious enough to share her immaculate taste and charming creativity. Kelle has a namesake blog where she notes her inspiration, design musings, and dispenses enchanting and pragmatic advice.

Kelle handpicked a gorgeous Wooden Ammunition Crate from Hindsvik (one of the best sources for vintage treasures). While the product itself is entirely gorgeous, Ms. Dame loves vintage crates for their endless function in addition to their lovely form, “I love them and they have so many uses.” Scour your neighborhood antique stores, flea markets, and garage sales for your own versatile and delightful crates.

Kelle has sprinkled these classic gems throughout her own house (click here to drool through some creative crate ideas and a peak into Kelle’s home).

You can find Kelle sharing her real life projects on her blog (the inspiration is deliciously palpable) and sharing her bits of nesting on Facebook through her design and organization service.