Happy Travels with the Feed Bag Cosmetic Kit


We’ve all been there at one point or another, whether our travels have taken us far away for weeks or across town for a night. I’m referring to the moment when we open our luggage to find something gooey has spilled out from the contents of our toiletry or cosmetics bag.

It doesn’t matter how tight I twist or close or tie, the random leak is inevitable. The only sure solution, other than not packing anything at all, is a water-resistant bag. And even better if it’s a recycled bag.

The Feed Bag Cosmetic Kit available at VivaTerra is all that and more. It’s hand-made by workers in Cambodia with recycled feed bags that were once used to store rice through the rainy seasons.

A kit you can trust for travels long or short, the Feed Bag Cosmetic Kit even comes with an organic foot cream, hand cream and bath salts and is on sale for just $19 (from $49)!