Happy Hippie Holiday?


Around this time of year, holiday colors make their appearance and long-held traditions move into place. Landscapes become a sea of red, green, gold, silver and white and endless soundtracks of cheer fill the air. It’s also right about now that department stores reveal their long-awaited arrangements behind the glass. We expect the expected – the Nutcracker, sugar plum fairies, reindeer, snowmen, and more, so you can imagine people’s surprise when Barney’s unveiled their creation.

In partnership with Volkswagen of America, Barney’s presented their special theme for the season, “Peace and Love: Have a Hippie Holiday.” Paying tribute to the explosive creativity and iconic designs of the “Ëœ60s, windows are brimming over with sustainable fabric and psychedelic eco-fashions from designers like Derek Lam and Rag & Bone. Peace signs gratuitously emblazoned everywhere honor the 50th anniversary of the symbol and materials support the Earth Pledge FutureFashion Initiative.

Now, we praise the fact that Barney’s – such a reputable, high-end, and influential department store – would attempt to green the holidays with eco-friendly window displays, but it looks like Creative Director Simon Doonan may have been sipping a bit too much eggnog when dreaming up his groundbreaking idea. Green can be oh so chic, but all I see from this display is an attempt to be different gone horribly awry. Am I out of line, or are these windows less a happy holiday and more like a nightmare before Christmas?