7 Tips for Healthy Pets


We love our cats and dogs, and we owe it to them to keep them healthy. After all, mercury in fish is just as bad for Whiskers as it is for you! Green pet care may cost a little more up front, but it’s certainly less expensive than future vet bills for sick pets.

Here are some tips to keep your pets healthy:

PhotobucketDon’t buy foods with the chemical preservatives BHA, BHT and ethoxyquin.

PhotobucketSwitch your cat’s diet around so they don’t get too much mercury exposure from fish.

PhotobucketBypass the by-products. Choose ingredients that are organic and free-range.

PhotobucketDon’t use insecticides on your lawn. They’re poisonous to you, but even more so to your furry friends.

PhotobucketFlea collars are toxic. Instead, vacuum often, bathe your pet, and look for safer flea repellents.

PhotobucketDon’t buy pet shampoo. There’s no regulation of chemical ingredients for pet products. Use a mild baby shampoo instead.

PhotobucketAnd most of all, love your pet and be kind! They depend on your for their care and will be thankful if you treat them as well as you treat yourself.

Source: Pets for the Environment

Image: Mirko Macari

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5 thoughts on “7 Tips for Healthy Pets

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  2. I usually don’t use any chemical or shampoo to my pet,I have a little cat,and every 3 days I only wash there fur with warm water,and that it,although it not make the pet smell good,I think it still better way that wash them a pet shampoo that could harm the cat

  3. For my German Shepherd dogs -who are extremely allergic to the toxins in flea and tick repellants, I use Sentry’s “Natural Defense” spray which is made of all natural oils. Peppermint oil is a known flea & tick killer. “Natural Defense” is made of all natural oils, peppermint being the first ingredient as well as cinnamon oil, lemon grass, clove thyme & vanillin oils. The dogs smell like pumpkin pies for a few days, but it’s the holistic way to keep pests away.

    In addition, I have started bathing my dogs in Dr. Bronner’s Organic Peppermint & Hemp liquid soap. A large bottle is expensive, but because it is so very, very concentrated, it goes a looooong way. Again, the peppermint is a flea & tick preventative. Because the soap is organic and made of castille, it’s very gentle on their coats & skin. The soap is also available in Lavender and Hemp formation. It can be used on humans, infants, animals.

    Baby Shampoo – the common brand on the market- is laden with chemicals I refuse to use.

    For now, I have healthy, beautiful, happy German Shepherds. Every little bit we do to prevent exposure to carcinogens will add extra days to their lives.

  4. Thank you Sarah for some very helpful ideas. I agree the chemical thing has got to go. I noticed that when I put flea drops on our dog, he will go into somewhat of a stupor – for half the day he will walk around like a zombie. I have found that some brewer’s yeast mixed in with his food, a couple times a month, repels fleas. They can’t stand it and it has lots of B vitamins and no odor.


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