HeARTbeat: Marie Rouillon Wants You to Reach Out and Touch Something

We’re not totally senseless. Nevertheless, as Marie Rouillon explains, we could use a reboot in the tactile department.

In our highly digitized world, our senses often take a back seat to pixels. Textile designer Marie Rouillon created her series of tactile cups for those of us who spend most of our time connecting with a computer screen instead of relating to the world through touch.

She explains,Daily Haptics is a series of objects [that] aim to encompass unexpected materiality…to make you question your sensory abilities. Sometimes surprising, sometimes attractive, sometimes pleasurable or the opposite. In any case you have to touch the samples to get the tactile feedback they can provide you with.”

She continues, “I chose to illustrate this concept by working on everyday objects. By rethinking their materiality, I am giving them new tactile properties, so that the user has to think while touching.”

As a textile designer, Rouillon is particularly interested in the senses we connect to through touch, including warmth, cold, pleasure and pain. She seeks to bridge the pluralities between the pixelated social worlds we inhabit through technology with the tactile sensuality available at our fingertips.

“The sense of touch is critical for human functioning at many different levels,” Rouillon explains. “From controlling the body to perceiving the environment. As our senses act just like muscles, if we don’t exercise them they lose strength!”

Whether for function or play, these original shapes, textures and designs beg for a momentary pause. To experience the ordinariness of touch is perhaps, as Rouillon suggests, an extraordinary concept these days.

Images: Junk Culture

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Dominique Pacheco

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