A Hex on All Your Noises

Gorgeous, geometric, and green insulation.

What type of noise do your neighbors torment you with? Songs of the 80s (on repeat) at three in the morning? A healthy, animated (and loud) sex life? A seventh grader who is just learning to play the trombone by dedicating two hours of every afternoon to practice?

I can help.

This functional puzzle of interlocking geometry is a vivid cladding of hexagons. I would dress my walls with these clever shapes even if there were no underlying function, but there is. These little six-sided pieces absorb rogue sounds and provide surface noise insulation brimming with personality.

The creative minds at Form Us With Love (a Swedish design studio) collaborated with the Träullit wood wool factory to create Hexagon. Each hexagonal disc is composed of all natural wood wool.

“It’s an interesting material; simple, good looking and environmentally friendly. Besides, we needed to stop the echoing.

The process of making wood wool cement is quite simple: wood slivers are cut from logs, then mixed with water and cement and put in a mold to dry into shape. The result is a material that is environmentally friendly, water resistant, moisture and sound absorbent.”

An insulation product that’s green and gorgeous? Sign me up.

(Images by Jonas Lindström.)