Himalayan Salt Lamps: Natural (And Gorgeous!) Air Detoxifiers

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Himalayan salt lamps create a peaceful, calming effect as the salt molecules are released into the air. Salt caves in the foothills of the Pakistan, where the lamps are sourced, have been used for their healing qualities since ancient times. Today, chunks of the salt are excavated, hand chipped, hollowed out, and then transformed into a gorgeous lamp. 

I first noticed Himalayan salt lamps in a home decor shop in Asheville, N.C. when I was visiting for a yoga retreat. First drawn by its glowing beauty–an orange and pink hued lamp cut out of a chunk of salt–I wondered if there were any health benefits to the lamps. It turns out that Himalayan salt not only enhances the flavor of your favorite high quality eats, it also has healing qualities.

The salt lamps produce negative ions. Negative ions are attracted to the positive charge of dust, making them too heavy to float through the air. As a result, they drop down to the ground so you won’t breathe them in. While you still have to dust the floor to completely remove particles, the air is cleaned.

This natural air detoxicant is great for people with asthma, COPD, allergies, or other lung conditions. The lamps come in a number of sizes from small to large depending on the size of your room, but a good basis for choosing the right size is 1 pound of lamp weight for 10 square feet of floor space.

Leave the lamp on at all times to clean the air naturally. (Although, you can turn it off at night in your bedroom so the light doesn’t disrupt your sleep.) It’s also a great idea to add a salt lamp to your meditation space because it’s naturally calming.

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