Hip, Slick and Eco Never Looked So…Molto Bene!


I’m not referring to my favorite pasta dish or sports car, but rather the fabulous modern kitchen designs of the Italian manufacturer, Valcucine. Founded in 1980, they’ve perfected the art of the sleek, clean and simple space where we cook. But what I find even more commendable is their effort to be green.

For almost three decades, Valcucine has been diligent in its technological and engineering advances – all geared toward lessening their environmental impact. They embody the ultimate in cutting edge design meshed brilliantly with an eco-conscience. To wit, Valcucine supports reforestation projects and founded an organization that promotes environmental education and preservation.

In 1988 Valcucine introduced a one-piece “dematerialized” front panel resulting in cabinets made with 65-85% less material than other brands. More recently they created an all glass base unit that is non-toxic, resistant to heat, water and steam and 100% recyclable. Read more about Valcucine’s environmental philosophy here. And learn more about their products and all the possibilities here, here and here.

In the current climate of all things prefab, modular and adaptable the Valcucine kitchen fits right in. In fact, the Artematica Vitrum fit right into one of the full-scale prefab prototypes (the Cellophane House) built for the 2008 MOMA exhibition – Home Delivery: Fabricating the Modern Dwelling (read my post about the show here). Both the house and its kitchen cabinetry use aluminum structural frames for support. Artematica Vitrum cabinetry is also made with tempered glass, a lightweight and completely recyclable and sustainable material.

If you’re not into modern, a Valcucine kitchen may not be right for you. But please don’t deny them a little well-deserved praise for their multitude of eco-accomplishments. Molto Bene!