H&M Gets Recycled


When H&M announced it was starting an organic cotton collection last year, devoted shoppers yearning for sustainable apparel at ultra low prices got excited. Now the retail giant has announced its plans to not only incorporate more organic cotton in their spring collection, but also recycled cotton, wool, polyester and PET bottles from fabric remnants in production.

And being a progressive company realizing that being labeled as environmentally friendly means more than recycling soda bottles in the company break room and green fabrics, H&M has gone as far as providing an environmental objective and sustainability policy at their website.

H&M should probably consider their investment one of the wisest ones they’ve made in a while. Certainly better than forcing Madonna to strike a pose in a satin track suit. Enhancing its brand by being progressive (and catering to its desired shoppers: us) will only make them stronger.

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7 thoughts on “H&M Gets Recycled

  1. Thanks Miguel.
    Check out this statement from H&M regarding monitoring of production/manufacturing.
    Not condoning manufacturing in China just hopeful that more companies will continue to see the fine balance there is with what is eco-fashion and what they can do to help make some kind of difference.

    The best way for us to make a dent in what you call “Fast Fashion” is to educate ourselves more about designers and their manufacturing and to choose quality over quantity.

  2. That is wonderful news, but H&M is still a fashion fast company and their product if made over seas and who know in what conditions! Fast fashion in now way can be green!

    Miguel’s last blog post..Beauty Secrets:Beauty Video!

  3. thanks for clueing us in on H&M’s global responsibility vision – I may have to take a trip across the bridge sometime soon!

  4. Very cool to see a big company acting responsible, hopefully they will encourage others to do the same…I’m sure walmart is launching a new line of organic kids spiderman t shirts….someday.

  5. I must be allowed to whine that there is no H&M within reasonable driving distance from Corvallis.

  6. I like the idea organic cotton and other environmental fabrics. Will these products be produced in the USA or will we be depending on foreign countries?
    What will happen to all those millions of yards of material on bolts across America or wherever, that are not organic? It’s almost like the stars and infinity. Did I just say that?
    Seriously, I do like the direction your going. It is encouraging to see an awareness spilling all over the world. Maybe we will leave a positive legacy to our children and grandchildren.
    Cotton a small seed to plant for our future.!!!!!!!!


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