How to Get Rid of Under Eye Circles with a Homemade Frozen Eye Treatment

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At one point or another, every one needs to know how to get rid of under eye circles.  

Dark circles are difficult to hide, and they are the difference between appearing energized and happy and looking sad and tired. Even if you feel great on the inside, your under eye circles may be giving off a different impression.

There are many reasons why you may have dark circles under your eyes. When you rub your eyes, you may break small capillaries under the skin, causing discoloration and some puffiness. For some it indicates allergies, kidney weakness, an antioxidant, iron or vitamin K deficiency or anemia. For some, it’s simply hereditary.

If fussing as little as possible with your eyes and getting enough sleep isn’t working to minimize their dark, puffy appearance, consider going to a doctor to find out if the problem is more serious than meets the eye – if it points to a severe allergy or deficiency in some vitamin or mineral.

In the meantime, there are topical treatments that can alleviate dark under-eye circles. Unfortunately, many of the game-changing creams on the market are also fraught with toxic ingredients that ultimately do more harm than good.

Put your freshest, happiest face forward by focusing on how to get rid of under eye circles naturally, with this recipe for a dark circles eye cream that will literally cool your under eye bags, revealing a less puffy complexion without the harsh chemical ingredients. The treatment also lightens the area under your eyes so dark circles are not so obvious.

How to Get Rid of Under Eye Circles DIY Recipe

Makes up to 15 sessions


1 raw potato
7 mint leaves
3 tablespoons water


Add all the ingredients into a food processer and blend until smooth and darkened. Dip as many cotton pads as possible fully into the cream and set them on a tray, not overlapping. Place the tray into the freezer. When frozen, remove them and place them into a Ziplock bag to store. Taking 2 pads at a time, lie down and place the one over each eye, being sure to cover the dark circles. Let them rest for 20 minutes. Toss the pads when you are done.

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