How to Give a Really Amazing Foot Massage (For Yourself or Someone Else)

foot massage

If I had the means (or a willing friend or loved one), I’d get a foot massage as part of my evening routine. Running around all day or wearing uncomfortable shoes put feet under a lot of stress.

And while massages always feel better when administered by someone else, when it comes down to it, a self-massage is better than no massage at all. Give yourself a foot massage and spare others your sore and hot summer feet. Here’s how to do it in a few easy steps.

This DIY foot massage doubles as a stress reliever with the use of essential oils. As you massage, the oils will heat up from the increased circulation in your feet and they will emanate, further illuminating your senses. Enjoy!

DIY Foot Massage

What You’ll Need:

  • Sesame seed or almond oil
  • Lavender or rosemary essential oils (both of which have been shown to decrease stress)
  • A towel

How to Do it:

  • Wash your feet and pat them dry.
  • Set them atop a towel and apply about a dime size amount of sesame seed or almond oil and a few drops of lavender or rosemary essential oil to your feet. Coat them each evenly.
  • Begin with the right foot. Apply pressure to the pinkie toe and massage it in circular motions, then lightly squeeze its base before stretching the toe and pulling it forward. Release.
  • Massage the flesh between your pinkie toe and the next toe in circular motions, before moving on to the next toe.
  • Repeat the last two steps on the remaining toes.
  • Use your right hand’s thumb and pointer finger and lightly massage the area below the ankle and rub around the ankle in a circular motion.
  • Place your thumb on the top of your foot and the remaining fingers below your foot to apply pressure on the right half of your foot, lightly squeezing your thumb and fingers on both sides of the foot as you move down the length of your foot.
  • Move onto your calf muscle, applying pressure with your fingers at its base and sliding your fingers upwards repetitively.
  • Repeat on your left foot.

Aylin Erman is founder of GlowKitchen. There she shares step-by-step picture recipes of her plant-based creations. Aylin lives and works in Istanbul as a writer and editor at the country’s first-ever green-living and sustainability platform, Yesilist. Like her on Facebook and follow her on Twitter to keep up with food news and recipes.

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