How To Say ‘I’m Vegetarian’ in 10 Different Languages

10 ways to express your eating preferences around the world.

我食齋 (ngóh sihk jāai) – Cantonese

Je suis végétarien (male) (zhuh swee vay-zhay-tah-ree-a) / végétarienne (female) (zhuh swee vay-zhay-tah-ree-ehn) – French

Ich bin Vegetarier (ikh bin vay-gay-TAH-ree-er) –German

Eimai hortofagos (EE-may hor-to-FAH-gos) –Greek

Vegetarianus vagyok (veghetarianush vadiok) –Hungarian

Sono vegetariano (male) (SOH-noh veh-jeh-tah-RYAH-noh) / vegetariana (female) (SOH-noh veh-jeh-tah-RYAH-nah) –Italian

ベジタリアンです(Bejitarian desu) –Japanese

Я вегетарианец (male) (yah vee-gee-tuh-ree-YAHN-eets) / Я вегетарианка (female) (yah vee-gee-tuh-ree-YAHN-kah) – Russian

Yo soy vegetariano (male) (yo soy ve-heh-TAHR-eee-ahno) / vegetariana (yo soy ve-heh-TAHR-eee-ahna) (female) – Spanish

Toi an chay (toy ahn jay) – Vietnamese


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