How to Wash Lingerie So It Lasts Almost Forever


Here’s how to wash lingerie so that it lasts.

There’s nothing worse than going to put on your favorite sexy piece of lingerie only to find that it’s beginning to fray at the edges, and there’s a hole in a very unfortunate, unsexy place. Luckily there are a few ways to keep your fine lingerie in great shape for longer.

How to Wash Lingerie

Hand wash your best under garments with care

Washing machines and dryers can wreak havoc on a bra’s underwire. To help keep any bra from becoming misshapen, hand wash your bras and any other piece of underwear you admire. Also, when hand washing, make sure you use cold water as it’s best for fabrics that stretch (and for items you want to retain their dyes). And when washing bras, make certain to keep the hooks snapped to keep the garments from catching on other fabrics.

Also: Always choose a soap that doesn’t have any harsh or toxic chemicals. That stuff is terrible for your clothing and bad for your body, too.

Use the air

Let your best bras and panties air dry. You can either line dry the items, or lay them flat on a clean towel.

Hang your fine lingerie with care

Underwear and teddies can chill out in drawers, but bras should be hung far apart so they can “breathe” between wears.

And if you have a favorite bra that you tend to wear over and over, make sure you re-buy that bra. The more you wear a bra, the more you abuse it. According to Lucky Magazine, bras typically only have a six-month life span.

When you go to buy a new bra, remember that sometimes that $10 bra isn’t worth it. More expensive pieces of fine lingerie last longer and are just plain prettier.

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