How to Watch a ‘Grey’s’ Episode Written by Shonda Rhimes: A Survival Guide

How to Watch a Grey's Episode Written by Shonda Rhimes: A Survival Guide

There’s nothing more code red than seeing ‘Written by Shonda Rhimes’ in the opening credits of a “Grey’s Anatomy” episode. Here’s how to prepare.

Between the chest cavity bomb, the Denny Duquette thing, the ferry boat disaster, the shooting, the plane crash, and the McNightmare that was last week’s episode, it goes without saying when you watch an episode of “Grey’s Anatomy” written by Shonda Rhimes, you should have a crash cart handy—because you know that by the time the hour’s over, she’ll have ripped your guts out of your ass.

And that is why you love her, even when you hate her. (See what I did there?) So when you see her name in the opening credits, here’s how to keep your dignity in tact. Well, some of it:

1. Turn off your phone

Young Adult GIF

This should already be a #TGIT ritual, but some of us just don’t know any better.

2. Prepare stress food… I mean, snacks

Stress Eating GIF

Lots and lots of snacks.

3. Bust out two boxes of tissues

Tissues GIF

Because with Shonda Rhimes, you can never be too careful.

4. Say a little prayer

Glee GIF

That you don’t go into cardiac arrest.

5. Hit play

Tina Fey GIF

And don’t forget to breathe.

6. Feel all the feelings

Vampire Diaries GIF

So. Many. Feelings.

7. Let it all hang out

Kristen Wiig GIF

Up until this point, you’ve done everything humanly possible to keep your shit together, but there comes a point in every Shonda Rhimes masterpiece where you explode into an ugly-crying, Xanax-needing, snot-bubbling pile of hormones.

8. Question your sanity

Crying GIF

“I never feel this bad about real people WHY CAN’T I STOP CRYING?!”

8. Seek emotional support

Grey's Anatomy GIF

Hit up the #GreysAnatomy hashtag on Twitter. Since you know, therapy is expensive.

9. Go into recovery mode

Bill Murray GIF

Now that you feel like a gutted fish, it’s time to turn off all the lights and sulk. And hate the universe. And make more snacks.

10. Live to fight another day

Meredith Gray GIF

If Mer can do it, so can you.

11. Never listen to “Chasing Cars” again

Glee GIF

Because duh.

How’s your emotional stability been since last week’s “Grey’s”?

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