How to: Give Yourself a Moment


It’s those times when you’re on the go, rushing around or stuck in traffic, that you need stress relief the most. And those are exactly the times when you can’t take an hour to go to yoga or get a massage. For those hectic times (i.e. every day), here is a simple breathing technique you can do anywhere to help you feel centered and relaxed.

When doing relaxation breathing, it’s important to breathe slowly, deeply, and through the nose. Allow your belly and chest to fill with air and hold your inhale for a few seconds before exhaling. In order to calm your mind, bring your focus to the feeling of the breath moving in and out of your nose; literally feel the air brushing gently against your nostrils.

Concentration and awareness are the most important aspects of relaxation breathing – it’s not just about moving air in and out of your lungs. This simple technique will help you find focus amidst chaotic mental clutter and daily activity.

Image: zenera