How to Make Natural Pesticides and Fungicides for Your Garden


One of the reasons I love gardening so much is that it’s a hands-on way to connect with Mother Nature. So, when insects and fungus infest my own little Eden, it just feels wrong to turn to harsh chemicals as an artificial solution to this pesky problem. The good news? It’s very simple to make your own natural pesticides and fungicides from home.

1. To eliminate unwelcome pests, soak a cup of loose tobacco overnight in a gallon of warm water mixed with a tablespoon of dishwashing soap. Pour this concoction into a spray bottle, using a cloth to catch the solids. Treat your plants  with this organic pesticide every two weeks for maximum effectiveness.

2. To prevent fungus growth, all you need is milk and water. Pour an equal amount of each into a bottle and shake. Spray your plants twice a week with this chemical-free fungicide for a healthy garden.

For more tips, visit Organic Gardening.

What are your eco-friendly tips for avoiding pesticides and fungicides in your garden? Let’s expand this list!

Image: AngelG