How to Preserve Your Designer Shoes


If you’re anything like me, you’ve accumulated a shoe collection that could rival Imelda Marcos’ and treat each pair as if it were a child rather than inanimate object. So, naturally, it seems silly to have spent a small fortune only to watch shoes get torn and tattered to the point of no return. Why shouldn’t conservation apply to clothing?

That’s why I go to great lengths to keep mine in mint condition so I’m not buying new pairs every season (even though the old fashionista in me wants to). After all, we all know that reusing what you already have is more green than buying new. Here are some preservation tips to keep your kicks looking new.

- Keep them moisturized. Shoes made of organic materials like leather and cork get dry just like your skin. Try very small amounts of jojoba or even olive oil applied smoothly and evenly with a soft cloth.

- Maintain shape. When storing your shoes, stuff them with white tissue paper just like you find them in stores. This will help minimize wrinkles or dents that can appear with boots and pumps.

- Banish odor. For your sake, I’m going to admit I have stinky feet and I’ve ruined more than one pair of shoes to irreversible stench. Take efforts to prevent odor in the first place with baking soda or cedar wedges.

- Neat, clean storage. While throwing all your shoes into a pile at the bottom of your closet is easy, it’s not the path to longevity. Opt for shoe racks or containers, which will let your kicks breathe and keep you organized at the same time.

Image: *cora*