How to Raid Your Grandmother's Closet


Grandma’s house can be a great resource for freshening up your wardrobe. It’s free, fun, and inherently green (we all know that reusing reduces consumption of new goods). However, I can say from personal experience, that it’s easy to get overexcited and end up with a closet full of pieces you’ll never wear. So, I’ve decided to present you with a few tips for properly raiding your grandmother’s closet (raiding Mother’s: not recommended).

-Vintage is great, but some items are better left in the past.     Choose fashion and accessories that are timeless classics, like faux pearl strands, scarves and hats, pea coats, and lace.

-Look for pieces with a fitted shape. I find that a lot of vintage ends up looking like a potato sack. If you can easily tailor the item yourself, go for it. If not, leave it up in the attic.

-Be careful not to “overflower.” Excessively floral patterns are not coming back. Yes, I know the designer runways were plastered in flowery fabrics this spring, but it’s a brief trend reminiscent of Elaine from Seinfeld – not a classic look.

-Choose pieces with a story. Pass along your family’s personal history with items like an old boarding school blazer or an original airline uniform. Lockets, that first pair of high heels, a cocktail dress from the night Granddad came into the picture…you get the idea. Those are pieces to treasure always.

-If you’re still unsure after taking all of these tips into consideration, turn to Audrey Hepburn. If you can see her in the style you’ve found, it’s a sure win.

Image: Rhys Jones Photography

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