How to Stay Energized All Day Long


Step away from the Rock Star. Put down the coffee. Forget the Coke.

Here are some simple, non-caffeinated tips you can incorporate into your daily routine to ensure your body hums with energy.

Graze: Skip the “three square meals” rule and eat 4-5 smaller ones instead. This keeps your blood sugar  level balanced, meaning fewer crashes and more stabilized energy.

Drink Water: Coffee, soda and juice don’t count. Keep a large water bottle with you all the time and use it! Water is the first thing your body needs to be at its best. While the "8 glasses a day" rule isn’t hard-and-fast, keeping yourself hydrated is essential to alertness and wellbeing.

Snack Right: When you feel a slump, eat a piece of fruit. The natural fruit sugar (fructose) will quickly give you an energetic boost, but without the cranky crash that comes from refined sugars (glucose, corn syrup) found in pastries, candies, and snacks. Better yet, choose something with a balanced mix of fat, protein and fiber – like almonds.

Consider Your Meals: If what you eat at lunch always makes you tired, then consider switching out some of the heavier elements (meat and processed foods) for lighter foods (veggies and salads) that are easier to digest. If you need an extra energy boost after lunch no matter what you eat, look to green tea or vegetable juice.

– via Zen Habits

Image: Tambako the Jaguar