The Human Powered Gym


It was always a good idea; now it’s finally been done. Just in time for January fitness resolutions, sing up for the gym that’s partially powered by your workout. (It’s okay to admit that this conjures up images of hamsters on the treadmill, generating energy for the world to go round.) But rodent making the rounds it’s not. The Green Microgym in Portland, Oregon, has set the new standard for eco-fitness, indoors.

The gym is outfitted with Team Dynamo and Spin bikes set up to generate electricity, as well as extensive solar panels that help to offset the gym’s carbon track print. Treadmills use 30% less power than standard models, all lights are compact fluorescents, and the floors are made of recycled rubber and eco-friendly cork.

If you’re nowhere near Portland, all is not lost. What I like best on Green Microgym’s eco list is that personal trainers sometimes take their clients outside to exercise. Don’t forget the original solar-powered gym: the great outdoors.

Image: iconocast