Hungry for an Eco-Kitchen?


If you’ve ever remodeled a kitchen, you’re familiar with this labor-intensive process that can consume weeks, if not months, of your life. Hansen Living has taken this unappealing timetable and turned it upside down. The Danish company claims it can install their kitchens in ONE day.

Do I have your attention yet? Because it only gets better.

Hansen Living just arrived in the U.S. this month (in Europe since 1997) and is taking the design world by storm. Everything about them is eco-friendly. All their furniture is made of solid wood from managed forests in Denmark. Hand-crafted, solid wood has a natural look which ages beautifully with time. Or it can be “renewed” after years of wear, by sanding and applying Hansen’s all natural wood treatments made from renewable plant materials.

Hansen Living kitchens are durable, timeless and organic. Translate that into eco-speak and you get sustainable, not trendy. Hansen’s is a stylish and simple design that, in my opinion, will appeal to the masses – suburbanites with sprawling homes as well as city-dwellers with tiny apartments. Check out their “Instant Kitchen” designed specifically for those of us in smaller spaces.

It makes me hungry just looking at it!