I'll Have a Vintage Christmas


No matter what holiday you celebrate, gift giving is the universal spirit of the season. The phones start ringing and everyone wants to know what you want. And suddenly, your mind is a blank slate. It seems the most daunting of tasks to conjure up that one thing you’ve been longing for. But thanks to eco-fashion mailing lists, my inbox does all the thinking for me.

Just the other day, these fabulous Ollie Sang vintage clutches appeared in my email and will most certainly make the perfect present. Made of luxe secondhand silk, each piece is one-of-a-kind with contrasting print and zip pocket inside. By day, by night, or thrown into your weekend bag, these clutches are suitable for all occasions. I love the gold and black version shown here, but they come in an array of colors – from red and navy to charcoal and blue damask – so there’s one for every taste. Available at Coco’s Shoppe eco-boutique.