I'll Take a Lemon Drop Cocktail, Please

Every woman has a signature jewelry staple: the chunky necklace stunner, the pearls and diamonds debutante, the funky bangle girl. I’m a big, fat ring woman myself. For my fellow need-to-knuckle-dusters, here’s a playful alternative to the standard issue cocktail ring: a cheeky yellow gumball-inspired handmade bauble.

Made with recycled copper and semi-precious polished agate, you can get the ring in a number of colors, like rose and jade, but I think this juicy yellow is the most eye-catching. You might use this statement piece to easily spark conversation about eco-style values – and you really can’t help but have fun wearing it. Scoop up the Hovey Lee Gumball Cocktail Ring for only $52.

Image: Tobi