Sigg, the feather light aluminum bottles from Switzerland have become ubiquitous with every age group and style subculture. So popular, in fact, that SIGG said they were forced to close down MySIGG, their custom design shop, and are no longer accepting new Internet clients to carry their products.

Why are they so popular? Because they’re reusable and cut down on landfill trash; are super light and have artistic designs; and are BPA-free. For those of you who’ve heard the buzz but still aren’t quite sure what BPA is, it’s an abbreviation for Bisphenol A, a chemical used to make polycarbonate plastics (those clear plastic bottles used for water, soda, and sports drinks), and epoxy resins, which are sometimes used to line food cans.

The problem is that BPA has been shown to be an endocrine disruptor, meaning that after it’s leeched into our food or drinks, it mimics hormones that have been linked to some cancers.

So what is SIGG going to do about supplying the demand? According to their website, they’re currently reconfiguring their SIGG Switzerland facility adding new equipment, hiring new production teams who are working around the clock (including 3 weekend shifts); and allocating 50% of their global production for North America. Among some places to seize a SIGG are Whole Foods Markets, REI, Patagonia, Eastern Mountain Sports, and L.L. Bean.


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