Unique Independent Designer Fabrics for Your Next Home Decor Project

woman with independent fabrics

Choose designer fabrics from an independent fabric designers to create a unique look in your home.

Shopping “indie” is just about as important as shopping local  for leading a more sustainable life. More of your money goes towards the actual creator of the goods–instead of some faceless corporation. Plus, you can feel more secure about the answers to your questions regarding sustainable practices and manufacturing processes, since in many cases, you actually get to speak to the someone who has a vested interest in being upfront and truthful about their goods. 

And shopping for independently created and manufactured designer fabrics is not as difficult as you  might think. There are a couple of must stop online shopping destinations for indie fabrics.

  • Spoonflower is a great site that takes a lot of the work out of the process and allows designers to focus on creating. Designers can design fabric via Spoonflower’s site to sell directly to consumers themselves and they can also sell their designs in Spoonflower’s Marketplace.
  • Purl Soho is another great site for finding great indie-designed fabrics and they also have a great blog that offers up plenty of inspiration.
  • Hawthorne Threads offers a nice mix of smaller and larger independent fabric designers and they have a very large collection.

Here’s just a small sampling of some of the amazingly gorgeous designer fabrics you can find for your next home decor project.

Daisy Jainie fabrics.

Image: Daisy Janie

The designer behind Daisy Janie, Jan DiCintio, creates organic cotton fabrics perfect for for quilting and home sewing decor projects. Here designs are colorful and modern. Jan only offers her fabrics for sale to retailers, so look for Jan’s fabrics in these shops.

Cloud9 fabrics.

Image: Be Homemade

Cloud9 Fabrics’ cofounders Michelle Engel Bencsko and Gina Pantastico recognized a need for eco-friendly contemporary and modern designed fabrics in the marketplace.  They partner with artists and designers to offer some truly stunning fabrics. Look for Cloud9 Fabrics at these online locations.

Ink & Spindle fabrics.

Image: Ink & Spindle

Ink & Spindle is a line of hand-printed designs printed on ethically sourced textiles. Lara Cameron and Tegan Rose, the designers behind the line, are committed to sustainability and are inspired by Australia’s native flora & fauna. They sell their gorgeous fabrics as well as home decor items made using the fabrics.

Lotta Jansdotter

Image: Cotton Studio

Lotta Jansdotter is artist, designer and author who is influenced by her Swedish background. She creates paper goods and candles in addition to her fabrics. Her fabrics can also be found in other retail stores as well.

Photo Credit: photographer padawan *(xava du)

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