Take Your Green Thumb Inside

Herb garden kits and accessories to delight your green thumb.

The soggy, wet drizzle of spring isn’t exactly an open invitation for outdoor gardening. If you want to skip the rain boots, start an indoor garden that you can tend to from the comfort of your kitchen. And because there’s nothing better than savoring the fruits of your labor, sprout some herbs that will add life and leaves to your kitchen and flavor to your dinner. Here’s an assortment of delicious herb seeds and herb garden kits to suit your style.

Clockwise from top left:

1. Herb Matchstick Garden – Brooklyn5and10, $12.50 (for 5)
2. Herbs in a Bag – Bambeco, $8
3. Seed Pod Herb Grow – Flashwear, $3
4. Herb Garden – Generate, $49
5. Culinary Herb Garden – Bay Flora, $24
6. Herb Garden Kit – Not on the High Street, $12.50

The herb garden kit of your dreams would seem naked without these charming accessories – a dainty jar to contain your fresh herbs, bonsai shears to take your herbs from plant to culinary ingredients, and an antique bread mold to serve as your petite kitchen garden.

Clockwise from top left:

1. Printed Herb Jar – Terrain, $5
2. Bonsai Shears – McGuckin Hardware, $34.99
3. Boston Bread Mold – Terrain, $68

If you want to exercise your crafty genetics instead of your green thumb, channel your inner Martha Stewart and make this herb garden kit.