iPhone Wraps: Always More to Cover


Yet more news from the what’s-on-your-smartphone front: For those of you who moved lightening quick on the iPhone4, Trunket‘s got you covered with some salvaged American Rosewood.

These grainy veneers come in six colors, ranging from “sea blue” to “blood red” to “jet black.” The overlays are “designed to sustain years of wear and tear and should acquire a natural, aged patina over time.” The stains are fade resistant and, here’s the part I kind of like, to “rejuvenate your overlay and keep it looking fresh for years to come,” you’re encouraged to do some “occasional buffing.” Nice.

Putting it on is simple: Wipe the phone clean with a provided alcohol pad, make sure the phone is dry and doesn’t have goop or dirt on it, remove the protective film from the back of the Trunket and just stick it on. Although it’s removable, they don’t encourage a bunch of on again, off again action. But, then, who ever does?

Each Trunket cover is made from real wood and is pretty much a “rescue.” “We acquired a large inventory of aged veneers from a luxury car customization company that was in the process of winding down its operations as the owners decided to retire,” explains Trunket co-founder Jay Chowdhury. He notes, too that his process has “kept sustainability in mind in the selection of treatments, finishes and packaging materials.”

The company, by the way, is a member of the Arbor Day Foundation, and will allocate $1 from each sale towards the goal of replanting 50 trees per month in areas of need starting October.

So put this option in your what’s-an-iPhone-to-wear pocket, along with this one and this one and, oh, yes, all of these and “¦

Scott Adelson

Scott Adelson is EcoSalon's Senior Editor of HyperKulture, a monthly column that explores opening cultural doors to initiate personal change. He is also the author of InPRINT, which reviews and discusses books, new and old. You can reach him at scott@adelson.org.