Is Hair Gloss the Solution to Your Post Summer Tress Distress?

Is Hair Gloss the Solution to Your Post Summer Tress Distress?

Summer may have provided a zen experience for your psyche. Your hair? Not so much. Could hair gloss be the answer to your tress distress?

You know how summer feels good for the soul? All warm and relaxing and fun-filled. Well, it’s not quite as great for hair. Rather than rejuvenated, tresses can be dry, straggly, and straw-like post summer vacation.

We all love a little gloss for lips. What’s good for your pucker could be good for locks too. Sort of. Hair gloss is gaining popularity as a way to instantly improve the look of hair in need of a boost.

What the heck is hair gloss? Remember hair glaze? Think of gloss as its longer lasting, more intense cousin. It still offers hair all the gleamy goodness, only with staying power more akin to a hair color.

While hair gloss is thought of as clear, it is actually a semi-permanent color, either clear or tinted, that penetrates strands, sealing in color and creating a sheen. Gloss can be used between colorings to extend and bolster your color, or on its own. Effects generally last 3-4 weeks.

If your locks are looking stressed, sapped, or otherwise less than lustrous you would likely benefit from a gloss. Whether you opt for a salon or in-home gloss is up to you. If you get your hair colored at the salon, chances are you’d rather go the same route with gloss. A DIY colorist? You may be happy with an at home version.

Now for the big question…are there natural hair glosses that work like the chemical stuff? If you are at all familiar with natural hair colorants you probably already have guessed the answer. Natural hair dyes do not behave like their chemical counterparts and the same is true for gloss. To get the best results you will have to stick with a conventional product here.

That is not to say there aren’t natural products that create incredibly shiny, gleaming, gorgeous hair. Healthy plant oils reduce frizz, repair dried out strands, make hair look more vibrant, and increase body. Give these nontoxic hair treatments a try:

Hair Gloss Olie Biogolique 100% Organic 23K Gold Argan Oil

Olie Biogolique 100% Organic 23K Gold Argan Oil

Hair Gloss Marula Cocktail Leave-In Hair Mist

Rare El’Ements Marula Cocktail Leave-In Hair Mist

Hair Gloss Yarok Feed Your Shine Serum

Yarok Feed Your Shine Serum

Hair Gloss Rahua Elixir

Rahua Elixir

Hair Gloss Rahua Finishing Treatment

Rahua Finishing Treatment

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