Tropical Organic Bodycare by Joia


It’s truly a wonder to me what comes from the rainforest. I suppose it’s because I grew up in more temperate regions, but the products of the tropics very much intrigue me. Take these oils: babassu, buriti and cupuassu. Never heard of them before? Neither had I. But my skin yearned to be fed by their deliciousness.

Tropical Organic Bodycare – such is the tagline of Joia Botanicals. They use only natural ingredients (and all the ingredients are conveniently listed on the website, so you can see for yourself) featuring the above-mentioned exotic rainforest oils, plus many others. Best of all, Joia Botanicals promotes sustainable harvesting for the rainforest communities of Brazil by only using wild-harvested ingredients – which is an incentive for the local residents to maintain the integrity of their forests while making a fair living from their products. That sounds like a win-win situation to me. Thanks for the happiness and harmony, Joia.