Jonano’s Sweetheart Dress Giveaway


The Dansk Sweetheart Dress from Jonano is the type of dress that will make men swoon and women rue the day the moment you walk in a room. We all need a dress like this.

The ruffled bodice allows just enough cleavage to be super feminine, while the gathered front accent does just so without going over board.

To me this dress is all about flow: the ruffled hem skirt, the flowing sleeves and the soft bamboo give this dress incredible drape and swing.

Speaking of which, I’m suddenly seeing images of old wooden swings (or motorcycle as this picture shows) and open country where the wind ripples through your hair and your Sweetheart Dress as if you were in a perfume commercial. Stop laughing, this is serious stuff!

I’m just helping you out with possible scenarios you might be involved in if you win this Jonano beauty. And if swinging on an old wooden tree swing or riding a vintage Harley in a pretty pink dress in the country sound good to you, leave a comment below.

For complete giveaway rules go here, and you’ll find FTC guidelines here.

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30 thoughts on “Jonano’s Sweetheart Dress Giveaway

  1. A beautiful dress for spring time,very feminine :)

  2. Beautiful dress! I love how flattering it is!

  3. Wish I was wearing this when I was checking out the cherry blossoms in DC – would’ve fit right in!

  4. That’s a beautiful cut and color. The purpose of this is to promote ecofriendly consumerism, which is why it’s bamboo, but are the dyes used also all-natural?

  5. This would be perfect to throw into the suitcase when I head to Argentina this summer. Ruffles for the land of Tango!

  6. Such a beautiful and feminine dress! I love that it’s made with bamboo fibers. sazzyfrazz at gmail dot com

  7. I think I’d like to see this dress with more buttons…yep…buttons down the front, and a rainbow on the back…in caribbean blue…with a pirate belt.

  8. What a beautiful dress for springtime!

  9. i have this dress in black and i love the way it looks and feels! the fabric is out of this world soft

  10. This is a feminine, but edgy dress to bring out the goddess in all women.

  11. I’m not normally one for ruffles, either, but this is so sweet. Too bad I can’t enter the giveaway! ;)

  12. I realize, in seeing this particular dress, for Spring and Summer 2010 I need to revisit the beautiful simplicity of dressing in dresses.

  13. Very pretty dress! And I imagine it would look lovely on most body types!

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  15. Such a pretty dress! It’s so feminine! I really love it!

  16. I’ve never been a huge fan of ruffles, but I think they work on this dress. Really cute for the summertime.

  17. I love the sleeves! What a lovely spring dress.

  18. This is a gorgeous dress. I love both the style and the color, and it is so versatile that it can be worn for many occasions. I would love the make this a staple of my spring/summer wardrobe!

  19. What a beautiful dress! I love the ruffles!

  20. That is really beautiful. And it looks so comfortable, too!

  21. WOW, that dress flatters every angle, doesn’t it? I’m smitten..I’m already dreaming about shoes and accessories.

  22. Feminine and flowing like a fairy, and a perfect match for my newly colored auburn hair. A beautiful creation!

  23. Stunning!! Perfect for spring and summer. :)

  24. This is a truly gorgeous dress. I love the colors and the trailing sleeves.


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