Lavender and Vervain Tisane: the Essential Evening Elixir


This tisane combines my two favorite herbs, which together create a balancing effect. The delicate taste of vervain compliments the heady evocative quality of lavender to produce a wonderful blend of opposites that attract. Both share the common attributes of easing tension and soothing nerves, which makes this tisane a perfect before-bedtime calmer. If vervain is unavailable, you can substitute lemon verbena for similar effects. Be sure to indulge yourself in the fragrant aroma wafting from the steam, as you relax and imagine the sun setting over the lavender fields of Provence. Sweet dreams.

Lavender and Vervain Tisane
– ½ teaspoon dried lavender flowers
– ½ teaspoon dried vervain leaves
– 1 cup purified water

Image: saracino
Source: Wise Concoctions (reprinted with permission)