Leggings and Tunics – How Not to Look Pregnant


I don’t know how many times I have women tell me they can’t wear leggings and tunics: “I look pregnant!”

While it’s true it takes a bit of finesse to avoid looking like you’re with child, leggings and tunics are a wardrobe staple and they’re not going anywhere soon.
How to wear?

First, when wearing leggings, it’s best to wear a top that can be cinched in at the waist or goes straight down to your hips. By pulling in some forced tailoring on the top, not only does it make you look trendy, it offers onlookers verification that the only bump you have is from lunch.

One of the biggest mistakes women make with leggings is going for a flouncy top with a too high empire cut or yoking that creates more material than necessary just below the bra-line. While this is appealing if you’re feeling bloated, it’s a surefire way to have your friends who may not have seen you in a while say “How far along are you?!”

Leggings are cute with flats or heels, heels elongating the leg of course.

There are so many different types of leggings that have evolved since they hit the market some years ago that I laughed when I saw this Marie Claire article talking about “jeggings,” which are just really tight-fitting jeans.

Guilty of wearing the jegging perhaps more than I should, I admit to being obsessed with Prairie Underground’s denim legging (I own six pairs).
They stretch like crazy, have stylish details and change seasonally.

This fall, look to your favorite eco-boutique for their Tuxedo Leggings that will glam up any evening.

I’ve already ordered two. Is that bad?


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Amy DuFault

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