Lifestraw: Quite Literally.


When talking about water conservation, it’s easy to forget the underlying truth – there’s not much fresh water to go around. Globally, 1 in 6 of us don’t have access to a safe water supply.

It’s a technological challenge. We’d love to see wide scale use of the technology behind the Steripen. But for now, there’s a better, more affordable option, and it’s called the Lifestraw.

Lifestraw is a microbiological filtration unit crammed into a short, portable tube. It scores over the Steripen by working in turbid water, while being just as effective at wiping out bacteria and viruses. No electricity, no spare parts. It works like a straw – a simple and award-winningly brilliant design that anyone can understand in a heartbeat.


Images: Boolean Split and Vestergaard Frandsen

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Mike Sowden

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