Link Love: An Ode to Toast + Scarlett Johannson in Hot Bubbles + Top Albums of 2013


This week’s Link Love asks us to rethink toast (the crunchy bread stuff), get over our snooze habit, listen to some great music from 2013 and more.

Toast is a universal food. It’s comfort. Quick. Warm. Crunchy. Agree? Check out an Ode to Toast. [via Eat Drink Better]

Still sleeping in? The problem is that snooze-button sleep is inherently disturbed slumber and may be doing more harm than good. Here’s how to kick the habit (mostly). [via Well + Good NYC]

Why is everyone so upset with Scarlett Johannson and SodaStream? [via Slate]

The Village Voice tabulates the top albums every year by tapping into reviewers around the globe (including EcoSalon’s own Jill Ettinger). Did your favorite albums from 2013 make the list? [via Village Voice]

Ha. Remember raves? You still have big pants, don’t you? Update: Raves still happen. And the fashion has (thankfully) caught up with the parties. Kind of like the drugs. [via LA Weekly]

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