Link Love: Green Reads for the Weekend


Have a great weekend, everyone! Enjoy these great eco reads from around the web:

-How can traditional, paper-based news resources stay relevant? By getting their facts right. However, the New York Times have published an eco-news piece by John Tierney that may or may not have its tongue firmly in its cheek…and it’s doing the rounds as "facts". The team at Treehugger is hopping mad.

-Jolly Green Girl is a fan of indoor gardening (as we are). Read some of her tips here.

-Less is the new More – and to keep the clutter at bay, we need good reusing and recycling habits (encompassing everything). Blissfully Domestic have a three-part series on the three R’s  – here’s the middle one, "Reduce".
-The latest plans for an eco-city have been drawn up by the partnership of General Electric and Mudadala Development, and if you’re expecting Big Money to be involved, you’re not wrong. The multi-billion dollar clean-energy city will be built in the United Arab Emirates (no stranger to that kind of investment) and is due for completion in 2015. Read more over at Clean Technica.

-Being outdoors is a beautiful and enriching experience. Apart from when you’re so insect-bitten you look like a puffer fish. But who wants to douse themselves in DEET? Not Grist – which is why they’ve published Sarah Van Schagen’s recommendations for essential-oil-based inspect repellants.

-Great – not only do I have a credit card bill hanging over me, I’m also in sleep debt, according to Life Evolver. (They might have a good point, but I’m just too tired to think about it right now).

-Brand new student textbooks: expensive, cumbersome, wasteful…unnecessary? Can recycling and e-literature really fill the gap? Join the discussion over at The Green Life.

-Design Sponge recently poked its head round the door of Jean Orlebeke’s house (of Obek Design) – and it’s quite a place!
-Another triumph for the movement to make us menfolk go green: the carbon neutral baseball game. Thanks go to simple + green for this story.
-And finally, this just in: as the world collapses around him, Al Gore has launched one last effort to save us – his son. Read this incredible story here.


Mike Sowden

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