Iobella’s Heated Workout Pods: Future Workout Technology that Works Now

Iobelle Heated Pods

Lose weight quickly by “melting” fat and sculpting muscle in Iobella’s heated workout pods.

Confession: Some workouts terrify me. I’ve always been exercise-challenged, so high-intensity workouts like CrossFit and Tabata-style training turn me into a puddle of sweat just thinking about them. But that’s the impression I’ve always had of working out – that it should be intense, pushing every limit you’ve got in classic bootcamp style.

My impression of working out has changed since hearing about an uber-intriguing workout called Iobella: It’s a fairly new workout to the U.S. that involves Pilates-style moves while cocooned in a heated pod, and your workout is customized to suit your body and fitness goals.

You’re given a full-body assessment by an Iobella consultant, who inputs all of your data into their specialized computer program (measurements, age, weight, etc.). The result? A complete overview of which parts of your body could lose inches, and how many. Your Iobella training sessions are then created based on these results.

Guided by an Iobella instructor, you complete your customized workout in their exclusive, temperature-controlled pods, which are heated to the body’s natural temperature of 98 degrees fahrenheit. This helps you lose weight quickly, maximizing fat and calorie burning while speeding up your metabolism. “Working out in an environment that matches your body temperature helps trim inches in problem areas, safely and effectively,” says Roxana Lissa, owner and avid user of Iobella in Santa Monica, California.

What I love most about the foundation of this workout is it’s not built on a bootcamp philosophy where you’re essentially intimidating yourself to pump up the volume. Iobella’s serene approach to fitness isn’t only a refreshing change of pace (literally), but it’s just as effective in helping you lose weight quickly without being yelled at by a drill sergeant.

The pods contain two sets of pulleys that hold a weight resistance of three pounds, providing resistance training for your upper body, lower body and strengthening your core. “By varying the routines and increasing repetitions as the client progresses through the program, the Iobella method remains challenging for the different muscle groups, while the prone positioning stimulates blood and lymph circulation,” says Lissa.

But what about cardio? Clients are encouraged to move through their repetitions at a pace that’s appropriate for their fitness level, but challenging enough to increase cardiovascular health and raise their heart rate during the workout. The session is 30 minutes, and ends with a stretching routine to allow muscles to recover and elongate.

The workout isn’t some cookie cutter approach to fitness: Your Iobella fitness routine truly is one-of-a-kind. It’s based on your fitness level and goals, and your progress is constantly monitored so you’re always at the top of your game. While their workouts are designed for all women, if you have a heart condition, post-op symptoms, untreated injuries/sprains, high blood pressure, or are pregnant, it’s best to consult with your physician with any medical concerns before taking the plunge.

How do you feel about using heated pods to lose weight quickly?

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