Love Rescue Dogs but Can’t Adopt? Dogo! May be For You

Any dog lover will love this service.

Dogo!, a new “dating” site has one goal — to connect “dog-lovers with rescue dogs who are need of some lovin’.”

If you’ve ever adopted a rescue dog, you know what it feels like to be totally and unconditionally loved. I have two rescued dogs and they are incredibly cool.

Over the years, I’ve also volunteered at many rescue shelters. All the rescue dogs I cared for, walked, and fed were gigantic sweethearts, too. The thing is, though, that many of these dogs get overlooked when they are in the shelter.

If you’ve ever been to a shelter, you know how hard it is to “pick” a pup. They are all sweet! Well, a new site just launched and it has a goal that all dog lovers can get behind.

Danielle Bowers, a self-proclaimed dog lover, created Dogo! after years of volunteering at local shelters. Bowers’ years of volunteer work allowed her to witness how stressed full-time workers at local shelters were. Most shelter workers were pressed for time and in need of help. So, she created a solution.

Bowers’ site allows people who like hangin’ with dogs get connected to pups at local shelters. A person can take a dog on a pup date, and then, at the end of the date, return the dog to the shelter. The dog benefits from all the human love and activity, and the human (who can’t adopt for any number of reasons — or maybe is just trying to meet different dogs before he picks “the one”) gets to interact with a great pup.

Here are the ins and outs of the site:

“Once you get through the simple two-hour orientation on the site and a following procedural session, you’re able to log into the site’s Google calendar and sign up for a pup date whenever your schedule permits.”

While Dogo! is only available in San Francisco, California, right now, it may (hopefully!) be available in other cities in the future.

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