Lustables: Turquoise Serpent Ring from Kennedy Handmade and Vintage

Add a vintage statement ring to your fashion repertoire to give outfits added interest.

Anyone who knows me knows I never leave home without my oversized turquoise ring proudly placed on my index finger which I got from Ian Kennedy of Kennedy Handmade and Vintage and Ruby+George.

I’d seen Gretchen Jones on Project Runway sporting bold, turquoise cuffs and rings and wanted the back story. Months later, I was sharing a hotel room in Times Square with Kennedy, a close friend of the designer’s, and attending the secret finale show for Project Runway, Season 8.

The night before the show, Kennedy pulled a case out of our room’s safe and asked if I wanted to wear any turquoise. When I saw my ring, I slipped it on, felt an instant connection, and the rest is history.

Kennedy says of his collection: “My grandparents have been dealing in Native American goods, mostly from the Southwest pueblos of New Mexico and Arizona since the 1950’s, or even further back: Grandpa told me today he has ’66 years of experience’ which would take us back to 1944! They had a small shop in the town where I grew up until 2003 when Grandpa finally retired for good and we just boxed up the inventory at that time and haven’t done anything with it until now.”

If you want to get your own statement piece like this Zuni ring with silver snakes coiled tight around their precious turquoise, head on over to Kennedy’s site to explore.

Ring, $100

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Amy DuFault

Amy DuFault is a conscious lifestyle writer, consultant and fashion instigator. She resides in Cape Cod, Massachusetts.